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Kirkland Congregational Church

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When Sam and Caroline French and their son Harry stepped ashore in 1872, in the area now known as Houghton, they were one of the first families to settle on the east side of Lake Washington. The clearing in front of their cabin was the destination seven years later, when visitors ventured over from Seattle. Here's how Shirley Lindahl tells the story in her history book of our congregation, In Christian Fellowship:

One Sunday, in June 1879, a rowboat pulled up to the shore at this point and two men made their way to the cabin. They introduced themselves as Samuel Greene and Rev. Harrison from Seattle and said they would like to talk about starting a Sunday School for settlers in the area. The idea had great appeal to Caroline French who had missed the church in her new life. She invited the men to return the first Sunday in July when she would invite her neighbors to gather.

To her delight Caroline French found 40 interested people so her cabin was filled that summer Sunday. Mr. Greene discussed organizing a Sunday School and then preached a brief sermon, the first one on the east side of the lake. He agreed to return every two weeks. Harry French offered his cabin as a meeting place. After he had moved to his frame house the cabin had been used as a school.

The seeds of Christianity had been sown in the community with its diverse background ranging from New England Congregationalists and Mid-western Methodists to Scandinavian immigrants. For the next six months interest grew as the neighbors continued to worship together. A century of Christian fellowship began on March 7th, 1880, when a church was founded that is known today as Kirkland Congregational Church.

Now, over 129 years later, we are an active part of the United Church of Christ, a denomination formed by the union of four strands of tradition including the Pilgrims of New England and German immigrants in the Midwest. From our diverse history, we carry a commitment to share God's love and work for justice in our community and our world.

You will find a warm and friendly welcome at Kirkland Congregational Church, United Church of Christ. We invite you to join us and share the joys of Christian fellowship, worship, study, and service. Become a part of our exciting journey of faith. You will be loved, encouraged, and challenged!