Kirkland Congregational Church

A Progressive Christian Voice in the Heart of Kirkland

Gleanings From
In Christian Fellowship

By Shirley Lindahl
Edited by Jerry Rutherford

Who Will Run the Mimeograph?

The one who knew most about the inner workings of our church organization and the temperamental mimeograph machine left town in January 1975. (We now have a state of the art new copy machine that talks to our computers!!) Marj Thompson had served as a Sunday School teacher, member of Women's Fellowship and as church secretary for nearly 15 years. She loved her church and gave a great deal more time than she was ever compensated for in her "part time" job. (This seems to be a common trait of church secretaries, or office administrators--the title now.) A family move to Oakville, Washington was the reason for her resignation. A "thank you" reception was given to honor her on January 26.

The Puget Sound Blood Center came to Kirkland under the sponsorship of our church and we have served as their headquarters several times over many years.

Tom Kelly was moderator that year and Jeanne Peterson served as choir director. Don Jovag, who taught woodworking in the local school district supervised the construction and installation of two large wooden signs reading "Congregational Church of Kirkland". The symbol of the United Church of Christ also appears -- it is based on an ancient Christian symbol known as the Cross of Victory. It signifies "the kingship of the Risen Christ over all the world". The complete emblem has around the perimeter the words "United Church of Christ" and the text "That they may all be one". However, this does not appear on the sign.

The church clerk noted that school children are now scattered thru many schools instead of locally centered around the downtown Kirkland area. The current Sunday School program was not attracting as many families with children as the population increased and moved further from the center of town.

Bylaws were revised setting a a board of directors to include the moderator, vice moderator, treasurer, clerk, financial secretary, chairmen of each of the boards and representatives of Women's and Men's Fellowship. They became the governing body of the church. The Board of Trustees was disbanded and a new Finance Committee was formed.

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