Kirkland Congregational Church

A Progressive Christian Voice in the Heart of Kirkland
...A community of faith with a rich past and a promising future invites you to experience the Christian faith through our worship, fellowship, educational programs, music ministry, and outreach ministries.

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We seek to make a positive difference in the way people live...

Kirkland Congregational Church's Original Building

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Origin of Kirkland Congregational Church
A Condensed History of Kirkland Congregational Church
The Story of the Stained Glass Panels
The Story of Our Church Bell
Gleanings From In Christian Fellowship
By Shirley Lindahl

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In the interest of reminding those of us who know about the history of our church and also provide newcomers some interesting facts of our long history in this community

Mrs. McGregor's Dream
The Church is Founded, Constitution is Adopted
The Minister was a Carpenter and The Bell Arrives
Washington Association Meets in Houghton Church
Bell Rings from Belfry
Arrival of Peter Kirk
Boom Affected Life in the Church
Consolidation for Survival
Beginning of the Newberry Era
Founder Passes Away
Town is Revitalized
Church Was Out of Debt
Church Life in 1915
Kirkland's New Look
Name Change to Kirkland Community Church
Articles of Agreement Adopted
Financial Problems Mounting
Articles of Agreement Amended
First Cub Scout Pack in America
Christmas Program Listed in 1925 East Side Journal
Goals Set
Withdrawal of the Methodists
The Depth of the 1933 Depression
Search for a Permanent Minister
Sell-Out Crowd for Dinner
Reverend Newberry, Father of Kirkland, Dies
Pruitt Family Fills Parsonage
Building Committee Activated
Property Ownership Problem Solved
Minister Stays and New Church Building Becomes a Reality
The New Building is Financed
War Brings Changes
Bible Read for Chancel Window
Old Church Building Sold and Second Boom Hits Kirkland
Reverend Pruitt Resigns and Rev. Blish Arrives
Church Growing at Rapid Rate
Fiftieth Anniversary Celebrated
War is Finally Over
Sunday Services Broadcasted
Basement Becomes Fellowship Hall
Completion of Converting Basement to Fellowship Hall
Growth Brings Changes
Borrowing "Neighbors" with American Legion
Congregation Calls Reverend Helliwell
Pilgrim Firs Constructed
Classes Everywhere--Even The Kitchen!
Omestad House Purchased & Remodeling Plan Revealed
Many Changes in the 60's
Early Sixties was a Time of Decision
Secret Ballot for Building Plans
Scouts Important Part of Church Life
Dedicating New Building
Associate Minister Hired, and Kirkland Loses Small Town Identity
State Annual Conference Hosted
Church Council Stated Goals
Ministers Resign in 1968
Extensive Search for a New Minister
Economy of Area Affects Church
Church Building Serves Many Uses
Who Will Run the Mimeograph?
Bicentennial Quilt Story
Signs of the Times
Pancake Breakfast and Auction Started
Minister was Father of the Bride
Concluding a Century of Fellowships
Women Working for the Church Since Its Beginning
More History of Women's Fellowship
Federation Formed
New Circle Formed
Inspirational Leader Arrived
Dinner & Doings
More Miscellaneous Dinner & Doings
Changes in the '70's
Pastors in the Pulpit
In Conclusion